Last Night on Earth

Last Night on Earth

Hersteller Flying Frog

Artikel-Nr.: KS10202


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Produktinformationen "Last Night on Earth"

  • Spieldauer 60 Minuten
  • Alter 12 Jahre
  • Spieleranzahl 2 - 6 Personen

Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Game is a fast-paced game of brain-eating Zombies, small town Heroes, and horror movie action. Players take on the role of either the Heroes, working together to make it through the night; or the Zombies, unending waves of undead spreading over the town like a plague. Featuring a modular board, eight Heroes to choose from, and several different Scenarios to play that drastically change the game. Last Night on Earth is designed to create a cinematic feel as the story and game unfolds.

So put down that popcorn, grab your shotgun, and hide your brain; the Zombies are coming and this could be your Last Night on Earth.


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